Helsinki Marina Concuct Code

Dear Yachting Guest

Please read and sign the following form and return it to our Harbour office, thank you.

Unfortunately we are unable to hand out marina berth user permit and keys without a completed form. Thank you for your assistance. We are looking forward to seeing you for your stay with us in Helsinki Marina – Sailors Cafe – Katajanokan vierasvenesatama.

1§ For everyone’s enjoyment, the harbour should be quiet from 21:00 – 08:00. Breaking this rule can cause you to lose the tenancy of your paid berth.
2§ The skipper is legally responsible under the Maritime Law.
3§ For safety reasons, it is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that someone is available to move the boat at any hour. We therefore ask for the phone number of the skipper.
4§ It is forbidden to lock the boat / vessel to the dock.
5§ It is the skipper’s duty to check the boat and ensure that the harbour rules are followed on board.
6§ A total ban on grilling applies to all jetties.
7§ Garbage should be left in the waste station next to the Sailor´s Cafe.
8§ All used/ordered services must be paid before vessel leaves the harbour, if not local the police will be informed with no exceptions.

Appreciating Your Cooperation


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